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Making Water Clean Again

Chlorine Dioxide (chemical formula ClO2 with molecular weight 68) is known to be a unique and effective oxidizer and biocide. However, unlike chlorine or bromine, when Chlorine Dioxide is dissolved in water, it does not dissociate into ions. Instead, it remains as a non-ionic species. This unique property is responsible for many of its practical uses as an effective cleaner, oxidizer and biocide.


Safe & Easy

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Save Money

Reduce energy costs by removing biofilm.

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No Chlorine Or Ozone Produced

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The CLO2IX® Applications

Chlorine Dioxide is the best way to disinfect. Since Chlorine Dioxide is an EPA-approved water disinfectant product, wherever disinfection of water is necessary, it is a natural choice. Now that the challenges of past systems have been overcome with the CLO2IX® product line, Chlorine Dioxide can actually be applied safely and instantaneously in a pure solution. These unique properties open markets for Chlorine Dioxide that were previously closed, as is demonstrated by the hundreds of CLO2IX® installations worldwide.


Secondary Disinfection


Cooling Towers


Reverse Osmosis


Chilled Water Loops

How CLO2IX® Works 

Generation Technology

ClO2IX® technology takes the hassle out of conventional Chlorine Dioxide generation equipment.

Safe Systems

  • No storage of Chlorine Dioxide
  • No chemicals mixed
  • No chlorine or ozone produced

CLO2IX® Systems

Our product line contains three types of systems, each having distinct features and production capacities.

CLO2IX® Is the Best Solution for
Chlorine Dioxide!

  • Chlorine Dioxide is EPA approved for drinking water disinfection.

  • CLO2IX® components and products are tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 51 & 61 standards.

  • Chlorine dioxide produced by CLO2IX® systems is chlorine free, ozone free, and will not attack TFC membranes.

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