CLO2IX® Is The Best Solution For Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide is the ultimate biofilm cleaner. Now that the challenges of past systems have been overcome with the CLO2IX® product line, Chlorine Dioxide can actually be applied safely and instantaneously in a pure solution. These unique properties open markets for Chlorine Dioxide that were previously closed, as is demonstrated by the hundreds of CLO2IX® installations worldwide.



Water scarcity in certain parts of the country has caused some industries and large water users to look at reusing water. However, reuse water comes with its own set of microbiological problems. Chlorine, which is typically used to disinfect reuse water, does not achieve the microbiological purity necessary for most commercial and industrial applications. Chlorine Dioxide is a natural for point-of-use disinfection where microbiological purity is required.