CLO2IX® Is The Best Solution For Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide is the ultimate biofilm cleaner. Now that the challenges of past systems have been overcome with the CLO2IX® product line, Chlorine Dioxide can actually be applied safely and instantaneously in a pure solution. These unique properties open markets for Chlorine Dioxide that were previously closed, as is demonstrated by the hundreds of CLO2IX® installations worldwide.

Reverse Osmosis

Chlorine Dioxide, as a dissolved gas in solution, will pass through membranes to provide biofilm protection both upstream and downstream of the membranes. Chlorine Dioxide produced by CLO2IX® systems is chlorine free, ozone free, and will not attack TFC membranes. Cleaning cycles can be reduced greatly by feeding < 0.2 mg/l into the RO feed water, either continuously or intermittently as the application dictates.