CLO2IX® Is The Best Solution For Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide is the ultimate biofilm cleaner. Now that the challenges of past systems have been overcome with the CLO2IX® product line, Chlorine Dioxide can actually be applied safely and instantaneously in a pure solution. These unique properties open markets for Chlorine Dioxide that were previously closed, as is demonstrated by the hundreds of CLO2IX® installations worldwide.

Secondary Disinfection

Secondary Disinfection & Health Care

Immuno-compromised individuals are most susceptible to waterborne pathogens. In some countries, regulations require hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities to have a Legionella and pathogen control program in place. In other countries, industry guidelines strongly recommend such programs. In either case, the use of Chlorine Dioxide is supported as part of these pathogen control programs.

Secondary Disinfection & Tank Cleaning

Chlorine Dioxide is ideal for disinfection of potable water storage tanks. These tanks are typically located in hospitals, commercial buildings, and other places where low pressure may exist or where loss of water cannot be tolerated. Bacteria-harboring biofilm is commonplace in these storage vessels, as the chlorine from the make-up water is insufficient to prevent its growth. New York has even legislated that storage tanks must be cleaned and disinfected annually. Chlorine Dioxide is the best biocide to remove the biofilm during these cleaning cycles and to prevent its regrowth on an ongoing basis.