How ClO2IX® Works


Dripping Wet Water has introduced an innovative approach to surpass conventional Chlorine Dioxide generation technologies.

In order to make Chlorine Dioxide, chlorous acid must first be formed. The ClO2IX® systems produce a solution of chlorous acid without residual Na+ by using cation exchange resin in the H+ form. This removes the Na+ from the sodium chlorite and replaces it with H+ to form pure chlorous acid.

Once the pure chlorous acid is formed, the reaction to Chlorine Dioxide can commence. By utilizing catalytic technology, the ClO2IX® systems convert virtually all ( > 98.5%) of the chlorous acid to Chlorine Dioxide. This occurs instantaneously. The resultant dilute 700 mg/l Chlorine Dioxide product contains no chlorine and virtually no chlorite. Because of the ability for the ClO2IX® systems to dispense in a continuous rather than a batch process, the need for onsite storage of Chlorine Dioxide is removed.

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