Mini Chlorine Dioxide System

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  • Up to 120 g/day of ClO2
  • Regenerable or Refillable IX – No Acid on Site
  • Ideally Suited for Continuous Production of ClO2
  • Dilute ClO2 Solution Produced – Inherently Safe
  • Industry-Proven, Reliable Components


  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Systems
  • Food and Beverage – Bottle Rinsing
  • Conveyor Treatment, Ice Builders, Sweet Water
  • Water Treatment – Secondary Disinfection
  • Apartment Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes
  • Open Cooling Systems
  • Closed Cooling Systems
  • Sites with Acid Restrictions

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The Molecule

Chlorine Dioxide is the ultimate biocide. As a dissolved gas in solution, it can destroy and remove biofilm, eliminate both sessile and planktonic bacteria, and prevent regrowth without interfering with most water treatment chemistry. As a weak oxidizer, it can destroy odors, clarify and precipitate iron and manganese from contaminated water sources. As the ultimate biocide, it can eradicate harmful microorganisms living and growing in water systems. These properties make Chlorine Dioxide the ideal biocide for most water treatment, food and beverage, and industrial applications.

The System

The CLO2IX® MINI system is an on-demand Chlorine Dioxide production system. The rugged construction and simplistic operation make the production of Chlorine Dioxide easy and safe where small volumes of water are treated. The CLO2IX® MINI system interfaces with the process water flow through the controller. The operator determines the appropriate concentration of Chlorine Dioxide according to the application. The system will then dose proportionally to process water flow, thus maintaining the desired Chlorine Dioxide concentration in the process stream.

The Process

The CLO2IX® MINI systems are based on pure water technology found routinely in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries where purity and safety are not optional. Instead of the traditional ways of making Chlorine Dioxide by mixing concentrated chemicals or through electrochemistry, which can produce dangerous byproducts, the CLO2IX® method combines ion exchange and catalytic technologies to ensure consistent product quality in a rugged industrial piece of equipment.



How the System Works


mini diagram


Inlet Potable Water
A potable water source is required for the system.

Sodium Chlorite
A 7.5% NaClO2 solution is diluted with potable water, such that the resulting concentration of NaClO2 is 1,250 mg/l.

Chlorous Acid
The dilute NaClO2 flows through the ion exchange cartridge, where the NaClO2 is converted to HClO2 through the exchange of the Na+ in solution for the H+ on the cation resin.

Chlorine Dioxide
The HClO2 is converted to dilute ClO2 in the catalyst cartridge. The concentration of solution is a safe 700 mg/l.


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